Task Force Steel Horse

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    Task Force Steel Horse, also known as "SAS" for Strategical AirSofters

    Location: Based in Sheboygan Wisconsin but troops are around the state
    Specialties: Stealth, support, assault, recon, sharpshooting, water transportation, urban
    Operatives: 18

    SAS (Task Force Steel Horse) Is a very unique airsoft team in Wisconsin, we require a lot from our members. We are very demanding on respect, integrity and time for training and meetings. We are strict on following orders and have a military backbone. We also have rank's which you have to earn by posting, attendence, outstanding work, leading, physical fitness etc... Task Force Steel Horse is a team that is highly trained to do their mission and to work as a team to get the mission accomplished faster, better and much more efficience overall.

    Our team also has something no other team has, a junior member program. Since the minimum age to join the team as a full member is 14 (14 is minimum age of most fields in Wisconsin) we decided to make a Junior member program. This is where members under 14 down to 12 can join the team as a "trainee" or so to speak. There is a full staff including Commander, sergeant and even for training, a medic for the junior members. They are trained completely separate then the full members but can accses the TFSH field for trainings and games. They can also gain rank while a junior member for when they become a full member when they are 14.

    Our team is accepting challenges from anywhere in the state, there is no gurantee we will be able to make it to all ends, but we will try.

    The SAS (Task Force Steel Horse) Field,
    SAS Also has a field in Sheboygan, we host games and training on a monthly basis .

    If you have any questions or are intersted in joining, please PM myself or our vice commander "sniper-aab".